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Give us a snapshot of your life as an IEEE member.

IEEE members do a lot of interesting things on the job — and off. Fill out the form below to enter the photos you think best represent your experiences as an IEEE member. You can submit photos to any of the submission categories each month for a chance to see your photos in future IEEE communications and win great prizes.
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Photo Categories
Are you ready to give us a snapshot of your life as an IEEE member? Read the official rules. Then fill out this form and submit it with your photos. Remember you can enter as often as you like. Good luck!
Submit a high-quality photograph depicting some aspect of your life as an IEEE Member (cell phone photos must be the largest image size to submit) Subject matter can include you at work, mentoring, volunteering, or attending professional seminars or events •  You can submit as many photos as you want • All submissions must be received by midnight on the last day of each month • Contest open to IEEE members only